Start Over? O.o


I never knew that a chair could be so hard on a lady. My chair was almost finish people. However, like in writing, never assume you are finished. Everything can be improved. That little pale yellow chair is proving to be my most difficult challenge at Agnes Scott. My professor laid it down. Yes, everyone I had to start completely over. The problem was that I paid no attention to that string. Or should say, I got the right concept just not the correct process. However, I am a Scottie. Drawing the chair completely over is something I can deal with. It’s a learning process after all, and I am having a blast getting my hands smeared with vine charcoal.

Okay, remember all that stuff about how the brain takes in the entire image. It seems that my brain was trying to draw the overall image and get it over with. Brain, that thinking isn’t gonna cut it. However, after I started over, I got better at understanding angles and units. I started drawing the angles that the string represented. However, in my defense, my easel was positioned at an angle where you were able to see the entire seat of the chair. The string, however, presented slightly all horizontal angles. My brain clearly sees that there is much more than horizontal angles. So,I drew more than horizontal angles. Good people just trust and draw the angles that the string is telling you to draw. This just goes to show you how hard it is to draw something from 3D to 2D. Most of the drawings, if not all, of my life have been either straight from my head or from another 2D picture. This means that this is the first time I transformed a subject’s dimension. That’s pretty cool.

The math that I was initially afraid of has helped me greatly. Those units really helped out the proportions of my chair. The unit of measurement that I used was actually a chair leg. Think of it as similar fractions. It is important to mention that the initial scale is your own executive decision. In very simple terms, 2D chair leg is ½ of the 3D seat. So the length of the 2D seat would be two 2D legs. At the end, I finally was able to get my proportions right.

Progress does exist! And that’s

Day 3, down.


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