Beginning of the End


It’s almost crunch time, Watson. This is our final project for this summer art class. It’s huge. I have to create a self-portrait. Scary… I knew this was coming, but I feel like it’s too soon. Talent might not matter, but I think it might help in this situation. At the end, all I can do is my best. And that folks, is what a Scottie does.

This is my station!!! YAY!

Today, was a preparation day. First, there was a demonstration. The professor taught us how to blacken really expensive paper with char-koal. It looked easy. Why does everything look easy? That is always a bad sign, period. Okay, moving on. After the demonstration, I had to prepare my workstation. For this I obtained : a mirror, a clamp-light, a light bulb, an easel, 2 boards, some tape, and a horse. Yes people, a horse. Jealous? It’s not real horse, but we can always imagine that it’s a real one. For the setup process, we all had partners to help us out. Thanks Moza!



This is the space where I blacken my expensive paper.

Back to blackening the expensive paper. You know that ridiculous overused saying, “It easier said than done.”  In this case, it’s pretty much true, at least for me. I had to, in a way, grind up char-koal and use tissue to blacken the paper. It took some time. At the end of this messy process, I got my paper to look as dark as I could. The professor reassured us that we will have many opportunities to reapply the char-koal. That’s good.




I believe that I will set up a page under the my Art Gallery to fully document this process.

This prep day taught me two things: 1. It’s better to have short nails. 2. Riding a horse in the art building is epic.

And that’s,

Day 14, down.



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