Final Art Show


I worked roughly 17 hours on this portrait. I can boldly say, “I poured every ounce of my being in this project and class. AND I am proud of myself.”  During this final critique, everyone presented a considerable amount of work in only a few days. With more time, I’m confident that all of us would have even more beautiful portraits. I firmly believe that this project should remain in the course syllabus. It is very rewarding to see hard work on display. Also, this project is far more intimate than any other so far. Getting to know what your face looks like and appreciate the art in your face is an amazing experience.  This project does a whole  lot more than tie the class together. I got to know myself a little bit better. My face is not symmetrical, the value of my skin isn’t uniformed, my glasses sit awkwardly on my face, and my eyes are two completely different sizes. And it’s still a pretty good face.

Yep! I drew these eyes.

The main concerns of this critique were value and form. The interplay between form and value make the self-portrait come alive. Even though these portraits are 2d, it seems as if it could be 3d. I found out that the mirror image is considered a 2d image. It doesn’t seem like it. Does it?  I thought my reflection was a 3d image. The light hitting my face creates form. Therefore, I see a 3d image that is actually 2d.

This class was fun and a great experience. I think I can call myself an artist now.


And that’s,



Reading Day


Today is Reading Day. We had our last day of class yesterday. Here is my portrait.

4th Day of Self -Portraits


I thought that I had to just work on my eyes today. But, people, never assume anything. The scale of my mouth was completely off. Yes, Watson, I had to do it again. Erasing four long hours of work is really hard. I don’t know what happened. I thought I used the string for my measurements. But today they were completely off. Sheesh. And it took me all class period to re-work my mouth.

At that point, I was emotionally drained. I was back at square one. I didn’t know where to start. But the professor’s encouragement helped a lot. I had to shut the cry baby inside me up and just do it again. I allowed myself time and gave myself reassurance. Art is a working progress.

I got down to business on my lips. This re-drawing was a lot more difficult than the first. The first drawing was big and I felt like I could trust it more. I had to rid myself of those expectations. So instead of trying to draw something, I just focused on the value. I feel that looking at the value helped me release those expectations of my drawing. I looked at my lips hard and long. Each side is a different size. The top lip has some really dark shades, while the bottom lip has tensions. There was so much complexity happening in both lips. I got completely lost. All I could do was put my faith into what I saw. Instead of looking at the entire mouth. I looked at each section of my mouth individually. And in those sections I focused hard on the changes in value. Then, I started to see the form on my lips coming off the page.  At the end, I got some compliments on my lips. And I was happy.

This the first drawing of my lips

This is my second drawing of my lips. This picture really does look like my lips!!!!!!


This is the portrait after the end of day 4.

And that’s,

Day 17, down.

3rd Day of Self Portraits


It’s getting close to closing time for my art class this summer. However, I am still working my fingernails off. It is Day 3 of our self-portrait projects. I had to get down to business, because there is only one more day of class left until the reading day for finals.

This is the bigger nose.

A nose, two eyes, eyebrows, a mouth, and skin make up your face. But for this assignment I could not think of a symbolized version of my face. Instead, I have to draw shapes and focus on the value of those shapes. There were so many different shades and tensions on the skin of my nose. The only time I ever looked at my nose this hard was when I tried pop a pimple on it.

I thought I was done with my nose before I came to my workspace today. However, I had to re-scale it. Re-working on my nose took up all of the class period. For the most part, I was working with the right side of my brain. I rarely thought in terms of shadows or nostrils. I got lost, in a good way. I had a dialogue with the light hitting my face, the shapes and the value. It was like I was in a space of discovering truth. Even though the project requires us to not think of symbolized versions of facial features, there were moments where I caught myself wanting to make it look like something different. Whenever I would try that, the drawing would disconnect with me. For example, I started to think of drawing shadows. That’s when I got stumped. I was focused on the mechanics of making a good shadow, instead of focusing on the changes in value on my face.

This took 4 hours.

I was determined to get more than a nose done. I had to spend 4 extra hours outside of class to work on my portrait. It took 4 hours to draw my mouth. I went into the right field again while drawing it.

And that’s,
Day 16, down.

This is the work that I was able to do at the end of day 3 for this project.

Self-Portrait Day 2


It is Day 2 for our self-portrait projects. At the beginning of class, I didn’t really know what to expect. The idea behind the project is to start from the end. I have to erase the char-koal from the canvas. Instead of looking at lines, I had to focus on the shapes and the shades of my face. So for this project, understanding the importance of value is necessary. Value describes the relationship between white, gray and black. In other words, the value of pink would have a distant relationship with black than with white. I really didn’t understand any of this. However, I started noticing the different shades of color in my skin. And I had to draw these subtle differences. The mechanics behind this project started to become more clearer as I worked. For me, it seems that learning art has to be completely hands-on.

Like in the chair project, I had to use the string technique. You know what that means–unit of measurements and alignments matter.  As I did in the chair project, I used the string as a ruler. Yes, people I scaled my nostrils. And I found out that they don’t match. I often caught myself comparing the alignments from my mirror image to my portrait. One thing that I can say for certain is that I am actually taking my time to draw this portrait. In the chair exercise, I was so ready to finish. I believed that the image in my mind was the correct image to draw. For this project, I allowed myself to be meticulous and objective. Yes! This means that my art drafting ability is improving. And that, Watson, is a good thing.

The middle of my face!

This process reminds me a lot about creating characters in a story. This project forces me to make the distinction between what is actually there than what you think is there. Characters in a story need much more than what is ideal. Characters need development, differences, desires, and so much more. This self-portrait makes me realize that my face is so much more. It is its own character. The acne marks, the many different shades of brown, the different sized nostrils, a slightly lazy eye, and a cute mouth establishes my face as a character. Pretty cool.

And that’s

Day 15, down.

Beginning of the End


It’s almost crunch time, Watson. This is our final project for this summer art class. It’s huge. I have to create a self-portrait. Scary… I knew this was coming, but I feel like it’s too soon. Talent might not matter, but I think it might help in this situation. At the end, all I can do is my best. And that folks, is what a Scottie does.

This is my station!!! YAY!

Today, was a preparation day. First, there was a demonstration. The professor taught us how to blacken really expensive paper with char-koal. It looked easy. Why does everything look easy? That is always a bad sign, period. Okay, moving on. After the demonstration, I had to prepare my workstation. For this I obtained : a mirror, a clamp-light, a light bulb, an easel, 2 boards, some tape, and a horse. Yes people, a horse. Jealous? It’s not real horse, but we can always imagine that it’s a real one. For the setup process, we all had partners to help us out. Thanks Moza!



This is the space where I blacken my expensive paper.

Back to blackening the expensive paper. You know that ridiculous overused saying, “It easier said than done.”  In this case, it’s pretty much true, at least for me. I had to, in a way, grind up char-koal and use tissue to blacken the paper. It took some time. At the end of this messy process, I got my paper to look as dark as I could. The professor reassured us that we will have many opportunities to reapply the char-koal. That’s good.




I believe that I will set up a page under the my Art Gallery to fully document this process.

This prep day taught me two things: 1. It’s better to have short nails. 2. Riding a horse in the art building is epic.

And that’s,

Day 14, down.


Critique my Valentine


It’s that day again. Critique Day. We pretty much have one every week. I still get nervous before the big show. This class is at that point where design statements matter. Unfortunately for me, I still don’t really know what I am supposed to write in these crucial statements. However, I wrote one for this project:

My enlarged heart juxtaposes tough and delicate by using metal and paper. I wanted   to imitate my dad’s work as well as character through this Valentine.

The large amount of white space is taking away from the picture.

The main concern for this round-table discussion was how media, subject and materials work together to created a message or a meaning. For example, I used a heart and some of my dad’s tools, and then photographed this image on the floor of my dad’s garage. What does this mean? That’s pretty much how the critique went. Also, my other classmates and I had to conjure up ideas about how to further each project. Without any boundaries, I would like to actually weld around 50 heart pieces. Each one would have a different frame and a different rhythm of tools inside the frame. The tools would not be limited to screws and screw drivers, but also engine parts, and anything else in my dad’s garage. Each of these pieces will be hanging in a welder’s warehouse. Pretty cool, right? Also, one thing that the professor wanted me to do was to fill in the white space in the picture to the right. So I will make it my weekend project to refine some of my images.

There were a lot of cool Valentines. Jessica also made an enlarge heart. Her Valentine’s message  was roughly that a person does not have to be in love or with someone to be secure or to be happy. She printed out many different quotes and lyrics from songs, and posted them on the outside of her heart. The heart opened up to a lot of little broken hearts. Her projection of this project was to put inspirational lyrics in the little broken hearts.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. I created a main page for my Valentine Project. Check it out under the Art Gallery Page.

And that’s,

Day 13, down.